Why Eating When You're Hungry is Backwards

general health nutrition weight loss Nov 21, 2023

When your vehicle is low on gas, an alert or signal of sorts will pop up on your dash, right? When that happens, do you ignore it and keep driving until you run out of gas?



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Your body's low fuel signals are hunger, fatigue, feeling nervous or anxious, cravings, moodiness and emotionality, even things like crying when it doesn't really seem appropriate confusion feeling shaky or dizzy. 

Today we are having a conversation about the link between your overall brain power and blood sugar — and how the key to success is eating before you’re hungry! In this episode, I share signs of your body's low fuel signals and the connection between anxiety, depression, and low blood sugar. You’ll gain steps to reduce hunger and overeating and learn the types of foods to eat together. And I am confident that by the end of this episode, you’ll know when and how to eat in support of your mood and energy. 

First, I share an experience where I went on a peanut butter-eating cycle after skipping dinner. I wound up with a half-eaten jar of peanut butter because I wasn’t actually aware of my hunger — or my low blood sugar! In an effort to help other women, I provide the signs of low blood sugar (also called blood glucose) and three reasons why it’s important to eat before you’re hungry. I share which foods will help stabilize blood sugar, and I illustrate how inflammation is an effect of low blood sugar, and triggers specific stress-related hormones. 

You’ll also gain research-backed resources in support of your success, and hear stories and lessons from my 30 years of experience. I don’t believe it’s about radically changing what you’re eating or creating a diet plan. It’s about utilizing food to get all the benefits of stable blood sugar levels — and you deserve to feel the best you ever have! Because let’s be real: getting your diet right can be confusing! (And if it were easy, you probably wouldn’t be listening to this podcast.) If you are confused about how to eat for your goals — or are struggling with hunger, food cravings, or mood swings — this episode is for you.

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Topics Covered:

  • How to utilize food to improve your overall health and wellness
  • My experience with peanut butter-eating behaviors 
  • Why hunger isn’t a good barometer for your “fuel signal”
  • Three reasons why it’s important to eat before you’re hungry
  • The benefits of stable blood glucose 
  • What foods stabilize blood sugar and common misconceptions
  • The connection between low blood sugar and hormones
  • How to gain FREE access to Strength Without Stress


Resources Mentioned:

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  • Read more on the regulation of glucose HERE
  • Dive into the research on low blood sugar and weight HERE
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