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May 21, 2022

The Nutrition Project is my proven approach to nutrition to help you feel better, reduce hunger and cravings, and release extra body fat.

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Hi! I thought it would be interesting to walk you through what exactly happens when you enroll in The Nutrition Project.

I've gotten a couple of questions over the past few weeks about what's actually behind the scenes, and what actually happens once you're inside of The Nutrition Project.

And as usual I'm known for really over-delivering. So I just thought it would be cool if you are on the fence, or if you're thinking about joining us and you just need a bit more certainty or motivation to know what you're going to get by enrolling. This is for you.

In order to learn more, come over to

As you can see, you can learn a lot about the program here. There are a lot of details, lots of information, tons of testimonies from our grads. You can learn a little bit more about the science behind The Nutrition Project, and what some of our members have accomplished.

You'll see what's included, but I want to bring your attention to the schedule of events. So these are the actual live events where you're going to be able to coach with me. For every single one of these events, I dedicate time to your questions and your personal coaching. This is what makes The Nutrition Project so unique.

You're not on your own. And for the first nine weeks of the program, there's a call every single week. So you will have the opportunity to bring forward whatever questions you have, or whatever you're struggling with. And I will be there to guide you in real time, and really give you more custom tailored advice as it pertains to whatever your goal is or whatever your unique biology is.

And I think this is something that's super, super unique, a lot of these online courses that are out there in the world today, all of these dates, all events will be recorded. So if for some reason you're not able to join in, you will always have access to the recordings. Lots of frequently asked questions and of course there is a money back guarantee.

So when you're ready, we've got a four month installment option. You can get enrolled today for $286 and then you won't be billed again for another month and there'll be four equal installments. And if you received the email yesterday, I also announced that there is a hidden six installment plan. So if you are interested in joining, and that still feels a little nervous for you, there is another option, which is a six month equal payment at no additional fee.

And that will allow you to get started for just $192 today. Then you won't have another payment for 30 days and it will be a total of six installments, all $192 each. So you can also click on this button right here and get a discount.

If you pay in full, all you're going to do is hit that enroll button and then once you get enrolled, the system is going to prompt you to set a password.

Once you set your password, you're going to be automatically shuttled over to your account behind the scenes on my website. So this is what I call the private portal. And inside of your account, the private portal appears on the top. You're either going to see the "Library" or you're going to see "My courses".

At the top, depending on if you've ever worked with me before, or if this is your only product, if you're logged in just look for the library or my courses, or it's just going to automatically plop you inside of the nutrition project. So you get to click view product, and now you're inside the program.

So over here on the left-hand navigation window is really where all the action happens when you enroll. The first thing that you're going to do is watch the welcome video that's on this page, and then come on over and watch the five keys to great results. This is basically a quick start guide. Now there's another formal, quick start guide down here under getting started.

These two together are really going to set you up in the first couple of weeks for fast results. So you're going to get started with the welcome section, and then you're going to get started with the quick start guide because these two things really lay the foundation for you to get faster results here in the early weeks.

One of the things that I really want to bring to your attention is setting up my fitness pal. If you're newer to my fitness pal, or you want some tricks and tools. There is a great video here that is going to just walk you through how to set it up, how to navigate it, what to look for and just really becoming a pro at my fitness pal, even using the free version of my fitness pal, we do not use the premium version.

You can use the free version. You can also use any diet tracking app you want. But all of my tutorials inside of the nutrition project are done through my fitness pal. This is always a community favorite, Holly's favorite, favorite products and tools. So as we're going through the nutrition project, people always ask what food scale or what blender. All of the different products that I use, even coming down to my favorite food products, I continue to update this so that you know exactly which products are my favorite or are vetted out by me, just so that, you know which Protein powder I recommend an O blood type versus an, A blood type.

So all of those are included in Holly's favorite products and tools, and this is always expanding up at the top here under the calendar of events. You're going to have all of the dates with all of the links. If you should ever miss one of our live events, they will be uploaded overnight. And right here under live event recordings, I've got the kickoff queued up, even though it hasn't happened yet. But the recording for the kickoff is going to appear right here. And all of the recordings from all of the events will appear here in this section. We do have a private message board. So if you're not on Facebook, this is where we all come together and talk. You can ask me questions here. It's a private community, and it's only behind the scenes here at the nutrition project.

So you can feel safe, sharing whatever information that you want to share. It's really just the community. And then I'm going to take you. Bye week. We've got 12 lessons here, one for each week. They're very robust. They're very thorough. Every single week. There's generally a video tutorial either to help you with recipes or to help you with logging, how to log the nutrition project recipes.

There's just different things that build upon week on week. And we lay the foundation in week one before we move on to week. It really does tend to work best if you go week by week with the group. Because as I said, the lessons build upon each other. If you're hoping for ease and convenience and just fast results.

And you just want me to tell you what to do? One of the things that's super great is every single week there's going to be a second. Diet and what the sample diet is. Let me see if I can download it. I don't trust that I'm going to be able to navigate my technology, but there's this download right here and what's going to happen is you're going to download an actual daily example of a diet and you're going to have 12 of those.

So all you have to do is download this and that's me. Setting you up for 50, 25, 25, that every single meal, every single day, you can print this off. This can be your go-to diet in conjunction with the recipes, which I'm going to show you in a minute. And every single week there is a new sample. Um, and that really is something that the community members have commented that they really, really love as we scroll down here.

This is the beloved coveted section of recipes. We've currently got over 50 recipes and it is growing. Um, these are all original recipes, many are vegan or veggie. If that's, if that interests you, I would say about twenty-five percent of the recipes are vegan. Maybe, maybe a little bit more, maybe 30% are vegan or veggie.but either I created these recipes by myself or Susan Garth. One of our nutrition project members created a lot of the vegan and vegetarian options. So there's just a ton of these recipes, which are incredible because you can literally print off the shopping list. I'm going to see if it's over here.

Here's one of the recipes, super simple. That's simple, this one is simple, easy to do recipes. And up here, if you download, you can download the recipe and you can download the shopping list, the dedicated shopping list. So literally all you have to do is print. Go shopping, cook and eat. And every single recipe is already set to 50, 25, 25 for you.

These recipes all appear inside of my fitness pal. So if you decide to make one of these delicious recipes, like the Hurdy sweet potato chicken, coconut soup with avocado and lime, you're just going to go into my fitness. And in the search feature, you just look up TNP, Hardy, sweet potato, and that's pretty much all you have to search and it's going to pop right up and boom, it goes right into your diet tracking app, actually that would have to be my fitness pal specific, but that goes into. Fitness pals so that you're not stuck having to log all of these recipes. It does the work for you. We've got beverages, snacks, lots of really great pre-workout you maybe even have heard people talk about the love balls. The TNP spicy loved balls are absolutely a community favorite.

They're my favorite. I eat them all the time. So that is it. This is always a growing, um, Course portal here. Once you're in you're in for life, you are going to have access to all of this content forever, including the growing list of recipes. So when this list of recipes gets up to be a hundred recipes, you will always have.

Access to all of the recipes going forward for forever. It really is the last eating system or diet. If you want to call that, that you will ever need, it's going to really radically change the face of your eating so that you can feel empowered. I hope this was helpful. Enjoy.


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