What to look for on food labels

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There is a great deal of truth to the notion that “You are what you eat.”

Each week I see new research that reinforces this notion. And every week my clients reveal to me deeper insights as well.

Once a food or beverage passes your lips, the very delicate tissues of your mouth, throat, stomach and intestines begin to absorb the ingredients.

Consider the delicate skin of your wrist, near your pulse point. It’s thin, soft and very sensitive, right? The lining of your digestive system is about 42-bazillion times more sensitive, thin and delicate. Literally, everything you put into your mouth gets absorbed by your body to some degree.

That’s why learning to understand food labels is so important.

What’s in the food that you eat every day? Do you know?

 Every day I ask my clients: “How do you know what you’re eating, if you don’t KNOW what you’re eating?”

One of the first steps in changing your health and fitness (and losing weight) is to KNOW exactly what is in the foods that you eat!

Most often when I ask people to start reading food labels, they ask: “What am I looking for?” and that’s a great question! While there is tons of information on all food labels, there are a few key things to look for first.

Click on the video below RIGHT NOW to learn about the key things to look for in the foods that you eat every day.

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