Top Weight Loss Myths

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updated January 7, 2020

It is estimated that the weight loss industry is around $170 BILLION annually.

Basic economics tells us that clearly, there is major demand for weight loss products.

With this much money at play, the world you live in is ripe territory for lots of interesting angles on the best ways to lose weight.

And wow, there are some doozies out there.

This week I wanted to share my take on some of the top myths on weight loss.

Check out this week’s new video to hear my thoughts on the “keto” diet, the HCG diet, and foods that you may have heard cause (or stall) weight loss. This is a good one so be sure to check it out now!

This Week’s Exclusive Content

The TRUTH About Weight Loss

It’s really, really simple.

Weight loss is governed by the laws of physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s merely transferred.

This means that when you eat food, you are taking in energy. If you take in MORE energy than your body expends, you will gain weight.

If you take in less energy than what your body expends, you will lose weight.

It’s really that simple. If your goal is to lose weight, start looking at how many calories you are actually consuming in a day. Then, either begin exercising a bit more to burn off some calories, or cut back on how much you are eating. Or, even better, is to do a combination of BOTH. Cut back 200-300 calories per day, and increase your energy expenditure through workouts.

Now, it is possible to improve your body’s functions through some of the popular diet trends, but many of them don’t directly lead to weight loss.

In truth, you COULD eat 3 Snickers bars each day and lose weight. (Public Service Announcement: Please don’t try this at home, friends)

There are some diets and nutritional strategies that can help to improve your body’s processes, and therefore improve energy and detoxification. For example, brief intermittent fasting after dinner and before breakfast can be really helpful for clearing up a toxic liver. For those of us with unstable blood sugar, I find that a spritzer of apple cider vinegar with fresh lemon juice helps a ton. Stable blood sugar helps in the weight loss process. And lastly, drinking plenty of water helps so many body processes and also supports your weight loss efforts. Proper hydration decreases appetite and improves detoxification.

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Stay strong, friend! 


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