This is Why It’s Hard to Lose Weight

general health watch (videos) weight loss Apr 09, 2018

Despite what the weight loss industry tells you…

Despite all of the “lose weight fast” programs…

Despite all of the books, and blogs, and articles that lead you to believe that weight lose should be easy, the truth is…


And this is exactly why weight loss is a $66 BILLION dollar industry (PR Newswire, Dec 2017).

The fact that so much money is being spent on this topic proves how hard it is for people. Because if it were easy, you wouldn’t have to spend any money!

There are very specific reasons why weight loss is hard, and today you’ll learn exactly why.

The approach that I share in today’s video has helped me transform the bodies of thousands of women from ages 27 to 60 over the past 24 years. Once you understand the strong biological forces that are at play, you will be armed with a powerful advantage that can truly transform your efforts.

It’s a simple mindset shift that you can make right now.

Check out this week’s new video…

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Stay strong, friend. 

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