The Muscle Tipping Point

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The goal is to get to the place where your muscle starts working for you, rather than you working for it.

The Muscle Tipping Point is something I’ve coined as the time in your strength training (and fitness) journey when you’ve built up a solid foundation of lean muscle mass, and you’re then able to enjoy more wiggle room in your workouts and nutrition.

It’s the point when you can stop working so hard every week and every meal to improve your body without the result being a loss of fitness or leanness. 

For example, have you ever experienced a time when you were on a great streak, enjoying your workouts, and eating on point, and you were really happy with how your body felt and looked? Then, something knocked you off track and before you knew it, your body was right back where you started? 

A common concept in the fitness industry is that it can take months to get into shape, and merely days to lose it. 

That’s because you haven’t - yet - reached The Muscle Tipping Point where it’s easier to stay in shape, and harder to lose your progress.

I see this pattern with women in my community and coaching programs, and have had the ability to guide them through to the tipping point. It’s helpful to know where you are on the continuum, so that you know what “season” of training you’re in. 

During the first 6 months of strength training, you’re building a foundation of muscle. There are several adaptations occurring throughout your body as it learns to remodel so that you are stronger and leaner. 

If you are committed, passionate, and relentless in those first 6 months, you may reach the muscle tipping point around 6 to 9 months. And if you’re less than super committed, it could take longer. This was the case for me.

I stumbled around for years, being on track for months, and then off track for months. It wasn’t until I wanted to reach peak physical fitness for my 40th birthday that I learned the power of long-term, consistent, dedicated strength training every week.

Then, once I truly created a solid base of muscle, I noticed that I could be less diligent about staying on point with my workouts and nutrition, and my body would maintain its body composition. I felt like I was better able to “hold onto” the progress I had made and didn’t lose that progress as quickly as before.

Reaching The Muscle Tipping Point is a game changer. You’ll be able to maintain your leanness with less effort. 

The key thing to understand is that you have to go through the early stages of building the foundation, staying super consistent for a long time.

Recently, two of my clients reached the tipping point. Each of them had been fit and active for many years, and looked great. Each of them wanted to look and feel more fit, with more defined and definitive muscles. Each has now arrived at the point where if they keep up the consistency, they’ll cross over to the place where it’s so much easier to keep their hard earned gains.

And it took about 18 months for each of them to get here.

And...they would both say it was worth all the effort.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What is The Muscle Tipping Point, exactly
  • Why The Muscle Tipping point is important for every woman
  • How to get there, and beyond

Some of what I share here is based on my anecdotal evidence witnessed during my 30 years as a fitness expert. While there are loads of different types of studies to support the ideas in this article, I referenced the following study, and its associated references. This study will cover some of the basics as to why it becomes easier to maintain muscle mass once you’ve established a “base” of lean muscle mass and general conditioning.


Stay strong, friend.

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