*This* Is Actually The Fountain of Youth

building muscle general health strength training Nov 14, 2023

I believe I've found the secret to the fountain of youth. And it's something you can do right now, without a prescription or expensive investment.



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In this episode, we take a deep dive into what I believe is the secret to youth and vitality: *drumroll please* Strength Training, also known as progressive resistance training.

I cover why I’m an advocate for strength training, and the ways strength training helps you feel (and quite literally be) younger. 

First, I illustrate the difference between biological and chronological age. I dispute misleading claims about building muscle, and detail how insulin sensitivity affects muscle mass. Then, I share four ways lean muscle mass works to keep your body feeling young and explain the difference between body weight focus and improved body composition. Strength training will help improve energy and reduce your risk of chronic disease… and you’ll feel great, too. 

Along the way, you’ll gain research-backed resources in support of your success, and hear stories and lessons from my 30 years of experience. If you always feel tired, struggle to feel your best, or feel like managing body fat is a constant battle. This episode is for you. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Why I stopped running and turned to rehabilitative exercises
  • How strength training reduces biological age
  • Three reasons why strength training is the key to feeling younger
  • Misleading claims about building muscle 
  • Four ways lean muscle mass keeps you young
  • Body weight focus vs. improved body composition
  • How to gain access FREE access to Strength Without Stress

Resources Mentioned:

  • Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics article
  • British Journal of Sports Medicine article 

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