The Diet Swap That Changed My Life Forever

general health nutrition the nutrition project Nov 28, 2023

In professional auto racing, a great deal of science goes into formulating the fuel so that the sports car can perform at its absolute best. I've got news for you, your body is a bazillion times more sophisticated than a Ferrari.



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Pay attention because if you'll take action on what I share in a minute, you'll feel like you discovered the key to transforming your body into the magnificent machine that it is.

Today we are rewriting the story relating to protein, carbs, and healthy fats — and focusing on macronutrients instead. Join us! In this episode, I’ll share the diet swap that helps shift my energy, mood and performance.  I’ll provide details about the effective dose of carbohydrates, protein, and fat to eat each day. Plus, you'll learn how to achieve food freedom in a way that is sustainable for your Ferrari… aka your body! I truly believe If you haven't yet found a sustainable way to eat, this diet swap is likely the answer. 

First, I share a fear I had about my body as my 40th birthday approached. I was in the best shape of my life and was healthy, but didn’t necessarily look fit. In many ways, I was doing everything right… or so I thought. Once I swapped out healthy eating for strategic eating, my body changed before my eyes. Now, I’m here to share how adjusting the proportions of healthy foods is the diet swap that will literally change how you look and feel. I dispel common food-related myths, illustrate how to track macronutrient intake and share how to balance foods for enjoyment and health. 

You’ll also gain research-backed resources in support of your success, and hear stories and lessons from my 30 years of experience. Feeling energized and healthy is an option for you — and it’s an option for every woman. If you struggle with fatigue, belly fat, mood and/or digestive issues, and feel sluggish around your workouts. This episode is for you. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Why I swapped out healthy eating for a strategic diet plan
  • The importance of observing and assessing what you’re eating
  • Why I don’t believe you have to be “low carb” to be healthy
  • The most sustainable and realistic macronutrient breakdown 
  • Three reasons why eating according to macronutrients is beneficial 
  • How to track your diet and macronutrients
  • How to gain FREE access to Strength Without Stress

Resources Mentioned:

  • Take a look at the research about macronutrient distributions HERE
  • Listen to Episode 4 of The Holly Perkins Health Podcast HERE


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