The Best Questions from 2021

general health mindset Nov 03, 2021

The quality of your health is determined by the quality of your questions. So...what questions have you been asking?

I cannot believe it’s November and 2021 is nearly over. What did you learn this year? 

And...what do you still need to learn in order to create the body you need to keep up with the life you love?

Each year I’m amazed at the incredible questions I get from my incredible community. Truly, I have the most amazing women in my circle. I’m inspired by you every day, and it’s an honor that you’re here...spending time with me.

I love what I do. At heart, I’m an information geek and love to understand the “why” of everything. I must have been a very annoying little kid, “Why this?” and “Why that, Mom?” 

As I approach my 50th birthday next month, I find that some things never change.

I’m still obsessed with understanding the what’s and why’s of everything. 

This episode of Hot Tea with Holly is dedicated to the best questions I received this year from my community. 


Grab a cup of hot tea and hit play above. You’ll learn…


  • The best way to correct muscular imbalances between your right and left side. Most women have one arm, or one leg that is weaker than the other. You too? I’ll teach you the best way to reduce this asymmetry so you can avoid future injuries.
  • How my approach to nutrition and weight loss is way better than one of the most popular programs out there. If your top goal is to lose weight, my system of balancing macronutrients really and truly is the most sustainable, healthful, and satisfying way to reach your goals.
  • How to take the actions you know you need to take when you’re not in the mood to take them. Part of becoming smaller, tighter, and leaner is simply about taking action. But how do you do that when you don’t wanna, lol? I share my best mindset trick to help you show up for you so that you can become better than ever.

 This is one of my most favorite episodes of Hot Tea with Holly ever because I LOVE answering your questions. 

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Do you love learning about evidence-based concepts? Are you someone who appreciates research that backs up your beliefs? Me too. Check out this study<LINK 1 below> and this study<LINK 2 below> related to today’s topic. 




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