Strength Training Mistakes (Are You Making These?)

building muscle strength training watch (videos) workouts Jul 21, 2020

Holly Perkins, BS CSCS

Are you making these strength training mistakes?

In order for strength training to truly serve you, it’s got to be done correctly.

When it comes to strength training...

Anything is better than nothing. So relieve yourself of the pressure to be perfect.

As long as you are picking up some weights 2-3 times every week, you’re going to get some great benefits.

But in order for it to transform you, it’s helpful to follow some important tips.

I am deeply and passionately possessed over the power of strength. If I can get you fired up about strength training, I’ll be able to help you become exactly what you envision for yourself on the physical and spiritual levels.

You deserve to feel strong, and powerful, and empowered and unstoppable.

So, let me share with you some of the biggest mistakes that women make in their journey to become strong.

But first...

Check out this awesome video from the archives…


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