Strength Train to Reduce Body Fat

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Muscle is Magic and Strength Training is Medicine

I’m so passionate about strength training because I’ve witnessed it change lives.

It started with my own life just before my 40th birthday. I was terrified to enter my 40’s with the body that I had at the time. Despite years and years of regular workouts and mostly eating right, I wasn’t anywhere near the fitness level I wanted to be.

I got serious about strength training and it changed my body in radical ways. 

Helping you use strength training and intentional nutrition to create the body you need to keep up with the life you love became my mission.

Since then, I’ve helped women…

  • Return to their body weight from their 20’s
  • Reverse an osteopenia diagnosis
  • Eliminate chronic knee and hip pain
  • Improve testosterone levels (eliminating the need for BHRT)
  • Improve blood sugar levels from “troubling” to healthy
  • Increase their daily energy needs to above 2000 calories per day

Strength training truly is medicine for women. Why for women in particular? Because we naturally have less testosterone than men, and we need every ounce we can get. Strength training will help you do that. 

In this video I share 4 ways to strength train right so that you get all of the powerful benefits from your workouts. 

I was inspired by this article.

from Wayne L Westcott, PhD, a pioneer and leading authority on fitness and strength training. This article is packed with incredible studies that show the myriad benefits that come with ongoing strength training. 

I was particularly wow-ed by the study that showed you can reduce body fat by 4 pounds through as little as 10 weeks of progressive resistance training. This is without any diet modification! Strength training alone is a powerful tool for weight loss.

This same article shows that you can also increase your lean muscle mass by 3 pounds in just 10 weeks. This is important because lean muscle mass is one of the most important considerations in graceful aging and the avoidance of osteoporosis. 

Check out this video and learn 4 ways to strength train right so you can improve your lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and improve many markers of health.

Do you love learning about evidence-based concepts? Are you someone who appreciates research that backs up your beliefs? Me too. Here is the research I used for this article.

Stay strong, friend.

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