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general health mindset watch (videos) Jul 23, 2018

One of the things that makes me just like youis that I tend to cycle between being on track in a great way, and then somehow getting very off track (by my standards).

You do this too, right?

Of course you do. Because most humans do.

And you, human, are very much just like me. For real!

Especially as women, we cycle! And doesn’t it make sense after all? Because our hormones are literally fluctuating each day of the month, and for some us, all day long.

In some ways, we are just like Mother Earth, who cycles in so many beautiful ways. She cycles through seasons, storms, ocean tides and relationship to the sun.

If we can come to accept that fact that we go through ups and downs in life, it makes it a whole lot easier to go with the flow!

What’s hardest for me is when I am in a down-cycle. These times are marked by a general feeling of laziness and inability to get shit done. I feel less excited about my workouts, and I don’t have a ton of desire to meal prep, or even grocery shop for that matter.

I find myself saying a lot of I should’s…

“I SHOULD get back to yoga.”

“I SHOULD make my breakfast cake tonight.”

“I SHOULD get a leg workout in.”

And each time I say “I should…” it never really inspires much action.

Thankfully, I’m learning a new approach that is making such a huge difference!

Check out this week’s new video below to learn how I stop sabotage, and get it done!

This Week’s Exclusive Content

How to Take Action on the Thing You KNOW You Should Do in 5 Steps.

Gah! You know that moment when you know that you SHOULD do something, but you are having a really hard time actually doing it?

Like, when you KNOW you should go to the gym, but you REALLY don’t want to?

Or when you REALLY want a sweet treat, but you know that you shouldn’t.

There is a huge opportunity in that moment to take action in a positive and productive way, or take action that moves you away from your goals.

And how do you win this battle!?

Below is my step-by-step plan for exactly how I navigate this situation.

  1. I pause and take a deep breath into my belly. I let my belly get really big and full, and then I exhale, consciously releasing any physical tension that I’m aware of.
  2. I get clear on the situation at hand by asking myself what my choices are. For example, I acknowledge the choice at hand: 1) I can sit on the couch or 2) I can go to the gym.
  3. Then I ask myself which one is for my highest good. Which one is going to move me forward in life? Which one is going to make me happier tomorrow? Because truly, sometimes I DO need to sit on the couch!
  4. I close my eyes and feel into my decision. Does it feel good in my body to sit on the couch? If I notice any “yuck” or dark energy, I then feel into the choice to hit the gym. As I feel into to the two choices, I am looking for the one that actually feels good in my gut. And boom, there is the decision.
  5. I then take a moment to consciously experience the good feeling of the right choice. I feel how it feels to make the choice that is truly for my highest good. And then I MAKE MYSELF GO TO THE GYM.

Next time you’re in this situation, give these 5 steps a try. They work! They work!

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Stay strong, friend.

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