Stay on Track When Eating Out

general health nutrition the nutrition project watch (videos) Dec 04, 2017

The business of the holidays is upon us! Already, I am witnessing myself eating a bit differently than normal, and have been allowing more “treat” type foods to get in mah belly!

It’s a slippery slope that ends at rock bottom on January 1st if you’re not strategic. This year, I’m making the commitment to meet 2018 in tip-top shape feeling good. Are ya with me?

In a perfect world, we would eat nearly all of our food prepared in our kitchen. I realize that is completely impossible, and therefore, you need strategy for successfully navigating the holiday season, parties and celebratory dinners out.

CLICK BELOW to watch this week’s video. I share A TON of my top secret tips for navigating parties, wine and delicious foods.

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Stay strong, friend.

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