Muscle is Your Best Friend and Sarcopenia is The Enemy

building muscle general health strength training Sep 30, 2021

Sarcopenia is a fact of life and a well-known medical condition that means you'll lose up to 2% of your muscle EVERY YEAR after the age of 50. 

Sarcopenia results in frailty, loss of independence, physical disability, and increased mortality in older adults.

And trust me, you don't want that.

The good news is that you can do something about it. And when you do, you'll also reduce your risk of age-related diseases and inconveniences. 

But before we move, I want you to fully understand this concept.


The loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process.

Lean muscle mass helps you avoid injury, keep your metabolism high, reduce weight gain as you age, and improve overall vitality. As I said in my book, Lift To Get Lean...

Your lean muscle mass is everything.

Today I'm sharing some interesting research, talking about why strength training is a powerful tool in your health journey, and some tips for how you can create the body you need to keep up with the life you love.

Some things you can do to slow down your rate of muscle loss as you age:

  • Get crystal clear on why it’s important for you to maintain your muscle throughout the years ahead. Truly, what’s your “why”? Once you get clear on that you’ll be more motivated to take the actions needed to preserve your muscle.
  • Get serious. Avoiding muscle mass requires your determination and firm commitment. This is because building muscle is truly a challenging feat, especially if you’re a woman over 37.
  • Commit. Don’t “try” to build muscle. Commit to it as if your life depends on it. Because in many ways it does.
  • Purchase a strength training program designed by a credentialed professional and stick to it. You’ll need more than two progressive resistance workouts every week to mitigate muscle loss.
  • To emphasize the above point, it’s important that your strength training is truly progressive. This means that you are increasing the workload over time - most often by increasing the weight loads. 
  • To help you stay passionate about this important health initiative, consider journaling every night on all the reasons why it’s important for you to age gracefully and maintain your muscle mass through the years.

Commit to building lean muscle mass as if your life depends on it. Because in many ways it does.

Click here to check out some research to help you understand sarcopenia better.

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Stay strong, friend.



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