Live Community Workout with Holly Perkins

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Free Live Workout with Holly Perkins

Welcome to the Holly Perkins Workout!

Below you will find the recordings from recent live Saturday workouts with Holly Perkins. 

Each week, you'll get a brand new strength-based workout that targets different major muscle groups.


And guess what? It's totally free.

If you'd like to join us for a Live Community Workout, CLICK HERE to get on the list.



While you can complete these workouts without equipment, the following is suggested...

  • light dumbbells
  • heavy dumbbells
  • handled resistance band

Holly Perkins holds a BS degree in Exercise Physiology and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Shape magazine named her a "Top Trainer to Follow" and Women's Health magazine tapped Holly to write the book on strength training for women, Lift to Get Lean.

Holly's advice is featured in all of your favorite magazines including Women's Health, SELF, Shape, Prevention,, and more.

During each workout, Holly will guide you through a series of movements designed to prepare your body for the workouts. Then, you'll learn some of Holly's go-to exercises for glute-activation so that you get the best workout possible.

Most workouts include a "superset" style. This means that you'll perform two exercises back to back with a short rest after the superset.

If you'd like a more challenging workout: Use heavier weights, complete more reps, complete more supersets or move faster.

If you'd like an easier workout: Use little or no weight, complete fewer reps, complete fewer sets, and rest more frequently!

Be sure to wear athletic shoes, put on some tunes and grab a water bottle!

Please leave a comment below after the workout and tell us the thing you loved the most about it! 


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