Life Update

Sep 21, 2023

I'm back after an extended hiatus!

And I'm thrilled that you're here - I've missed you. 

You might be wondering where I've been since we last connected, so here's the life update.

After 7 years of going hard, I was very much in need of a break. I took a step back from the public aspect of my business and focused exclusively on my private clients and my next book. It's been such a treat to focus 100% on these two things! My clients are thriving (wait until you hear some of the stories) and the book is going to be a must-read.

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.

If you're over the age of 37 this idea applies to your fitness and health too. Going forward I'll be speaking more about the complex biological shifts that happen in midlife. If you feel like the harder you push the more you crash (I call this "crushing then crashing"), be sure to keep your eyes out for my email updates, and eventually social posts. 

On the personal side of things (if you're curious)...

Dave has four kids, the youngest of which is still in high school. We'll be sticking around Los Angeles until he heads off to college. You know how much I love Pennsylvania, so we'll also be spending as much time there as possible, and plan to build a house there next year!

To no surprise, Buckley is in LOVE with 1) my dad 2) the farm and 3) my dad's dog Blue. Buckley's going to supervise things at the farm in PA for me until we can fly him back and forth with us more frequently. In the meantime, Dave's dog Bear is here in California with us, supervising me for Buckley. We drove across the country twice this year so that Bear could join us in PA, and yes, he and Buckley were immediately inseparable best friends!

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And if you're one of my community besties, here's a peek at...

My Wedding

Dave retired from the Marines after 20 years as an officer. One of his early influences was the movie Top Gun. How incredible is it that he not only became a fighter pilot, but also a graduate and instructor at Top Gun!? We felt it was only fitting to have our wedding on the beach at the Naval Air Station, Coronado, where Top Gun Maverick was filmed. We're so grateful to have been able to get married on the beach at such an iconic place. The day was perfection! 

Fun story: 10 days before the wedding, my custom dress was lost in the shipping process and I had no guarantee of its arrival. The owner of the bridal shop was surprised to hear that I was "worried". Can you imagine? It's no surprise that bridal store went out of business just weeks after my wedding. With my dress MIA, it was the perfect opportunity to buy my second choice dress from Anthropologie...and it was 70% off! A blessing in disguise for sure. I ended up LOVING this dress so much more than the first choice!

Enjoy the photos! Dave's movie star smile and the florals took center stage, IMHO ;)


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