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general health mindset nutrition weight loss Dec 16, 2021

To be in the pursuit of "better" does not have to mean that you're not absolutely perfect as you are. 

To want better for yourself is a self-honoring choice that reflects self-respect, and the belief that you are worth the exact things you desire.

And, desiring to be stronger, leaner, healthier, or more athletic is a very respectful endeavor.

In fact, if more women saw it this way, there would be less obesity, and disease related to health and body composition.

Personally, I want to be the very best version of myself possible for this very brief experience in human form. I want to walk through this life feeling powerful. And strong in every way.

I want to be proud of myself, and my body.

I want my body to tell the world that I take it seriously. I want to walk in a room and make a statement simply by standing tall, and looking fit.

You can simultaneously know that you are perfection...and want to be healthier, stronger, and more resilient.

If I could wave my magic wand and make you wealthy, would you take it? And if so, does that mean that you should be considered poor now?

If I could wave my magic wand and make you smarter, would you take it? And if so, does that have to mean that you’re not intelligent now?

One does not have to negate the other. You can want to achieve more while simultaneously knowing you are so darn fabulous as you are.

And yet, there is a very divisive commentary out there today that says wanting “to be better” in any way is a suggestion that you believe you are not good enough as you are. 

I truly believe that is a wonderful concept. I want you to KNOW that you are amazing, and perfect, and beautiful, and exceptional, and WOW all the time. 

Because you are.

And...if you want to be stronger...or healthier...or feel better. I’m here and I’m with you.

This is an extra special episode of Hot Tea with Holly that’s not to be missed. 

It’s essential to know that you’re already perfect...just as you are. The very things that you want to change are worthy of love and acceptance. 

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

If there is an aspect of your health that could be better...have the courage to change it.

If there is a part of your body (or life) that can’t be changed...accept it with grace and beauty. For it is part of you. 

And you, my friend, are perfect as you are.

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