How To Get Fit (Hot Tea Hot Seat)

mindset strength training workouts Feb 12, 2022

Knowing how and when to push yourself is the art of getting stronger. 

Something I hear over and over is a client’s confusion around how to lift heavier weights when you don’t yet have the strength to lift heavier weights. And this is exactly the skill to be mastered in order to create the body you need to keep up with the life you love. 

This is the first in a brand new series of live interviews where my community members have the chance to ask me their toughest questions. It’s a wonderful way for me to provide free coaching (which I love), and the perfect opportunity to answer your questions too, as you may see in yourself in some of the women in this episode.

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This episode covers…

  • How to know when it’s safe to push yourself during workouts
  • How to get strong enough to lift heavier weights
  • The process of progressive resistance so you can feel confident challenging yourself
  • The process of using the last two reps to guide your decisions
  • The perfect intensity to aim for
  • Creating the right “split” for your weekly programming
  • My tried and true method for creating a weekly plan that is sustainable

Grab a piece of paper and join Laural and me for a written process for determining what activities you should focus on each week so you’ll stay committed, without feeling overwhelmed. 

In this episode you get to hear from Petrina, Sheila, and Laural as they ask me their toughest questions. So often the questions I get resonate with many women for various reasons.

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Stay strong, friend.

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