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building muscle how she did it mindset Nov 28, 2021

Despite knee surgery, Laura proves you’re capable of becoming stronger, leaner, and more empowered than ever. And it’s easier than you think.

In today’s video you get to meet Laura, and learn exactly what she did to achieve the body she wanted, and the sass to go along with it.

The things that make Laura’s story so exceptional are…

  • It was less than two years ago that she had knee surgery
  • She’s over 50
  • It was easier than she thought it would be
  • She did not do endless cardio
  • Her nutrition was not super restrictive
  • Her workouts were not “grueling”

The How She Did It series is all about celebrating the women who prove that you can achieve great things, regardless of age or circumstance.

You’ll get a peek behind my training programs, and learn some of the details that helped each woman get stronger, tighter, and leaner. This series will give you the tools and insights into what each woman did to achieve her goals so that you can do it too. 

The photos speak for themselves, but I do hope to watch this interview so you can see that yes, you are capable of reaching your goals.

Inside the interview I’ll explain more about Laura’s photos below. I wanted to share them because the transformation you see here is from less than two weeks of effort. That’s right. These are Laura’s two week progress photos.


Laura was able to improve her body substantially in just two weeks. Actually, these photos demonstrate Laura’s progress in just 13 days!




She’ll tell you herself that getting results doesn’t have to mean long and grueling workouts. Just need the right strategy.


Laura completed The Comeback prior to 2020 and then completed TheGLUTES Project last year. 


I got to work more closely with Laura during The Next Level in 2020, and rightfully so, she’s now part of The Masters high level mastermind training group. 


As you can see from her progress photos below, she has become stronger, leaner, and more athletic in the past year. 



You’ll enjoy this video and walk away super inspired by Laura. You’ll also learn some of the mindset shifts she made along the way.

This video is one of my favorites as it proves that if you follow the right program, take action, and give it some time, you can create the body you need to keep up with the life that you love.

So proud of you Laura, and it has been a true honor to witness your transformation. Onward and Upward, my friend. 



Stay tuned for more How She Did It episodes like this one, featuring the women from my community who are demonstrating that it’s possible for you to become stronger and more empowered than ever.


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