How She Did It (Jennifer)

how she did it mindset strength training Aug 06, 2022

How She Did It episodes celebrate women from the community who prove that anything is possible.

Over the years I’ve been particularly interested and curious as to why some women achieve incredible transformations and some women continue to struggle getting the body or the health that they want. 

Changing your body is never easy. But when you get the right mix of strategy, determination, discipline, inspiration and action, the truth is getting the body you want is actually quite straightforward. 

In this episode you’re going to learn how Jennifer completely transformed her body into something beyond her wildest dreams. Her goal was to “get visible abs”. And she ended up getting so much more.

Success leaves clues. If you've heard that phrase before, you know it's true. And when I look back at the women in my community who have had great success, there are some very obvious clues. 

Jennifer is a 49 year old mom of two teenagers (and two fur babies!), who also works full time. After an injury and an illness, Jennifer had lost a lot of muscle and didn’t have the energy to do the things she wanted to do. It was then that she started strength training at a local gym.

Despite feeling intimidated, Jennifer “put on her big girl pants” and bravely hit the gym floor. After seeing some progress, Jennifer noticed that she would then stop and give up. On some level she didn’t think she would ever reach her goals. She would stop and start each time she saw modest progress. 

Check out some of Jennifer’s earliest progress photos that reflect the very beginning of her strength training journey.


After several years of starting and stopping, Jennifer decided that she wanted to achieve her best body in celebration of her 49th birthday. Her top goal was to get visible abs. 

Jennifer’s transformation is so powerful because it wasn’t about weight loss. This transformation was about achieving her personal best and reaching a new level of fitness.

 Jennifer's first set of progress photos above reflect a nice level of fitness. While she wanted to become leaner, she didn’t need to lose much weight.

 Jennifer joined one of my group coaching programs called The Masters at the very end of January, 2022. 

 You'll see from Jennifer's photos as she started The Masters that she had already made some nice progress on her own. 

These photos reflect Jennifer's first set of progress photos at the start of The Masters.

In the interview, you'll hear from Jennifer that she didn't do anything revolutionary or extreme in order to become leaner. In fact, she reduced her cardio and started eating more intentionally.

The focus of Jennifer's program was the 3 days of split body part strength training and nutrition. She started eating more at breakfast, and adopting the mind of an athlete every time she ate.

After just 12 weeks, Jennifer achieved her goal of visible abs (and scored some beautifully athletic legs too!)

Jennifer’s deadlift technique improved dramatically and her weight load went from less than 45 pounds to 85 pounds in just 12 weeks. 

Jennifer attributes her success to three things: 1) Her mindset. She told herself that she could do it 2) Her goal was to learn great technique and master the best form possible and 3) She prioritized nutrition, when in the past it was the last thing she thought about.

 To me, Jennifer's transformation is so powerful because at the age of 49, she thought she'd never get the body she wanted. The funny thing is, she didn't get the body she wanted...she achieved something even better.

Remember, Jennifer's transformation was never about losing weight. She wanted to feel strong and capable. She wanted to be free from pain, injuries, and fatigue. She wanted to feel youthful again.

The abs that Jennifer got are merely the side effect from getting stronger, healthier, and more fit.

Jennifer’s words of advice: “You can do this, you really can. I’m not an amazing individual that has superpowers. I did what Holly laid out for me and it works. I feel fantastic, and I am confident.”

Watch the full episode above so you can learn more details about her workout program, nutrition, and cardio workouts.

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