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building muscle general health watch (videos) workouts Jan 02, 2018

Are you excited to get ON TRACK with your workouts and movin’ towards even better health and fitness?

One of the most common mistakes I see this time each year is that people are so excited about January fitness resolutions that they jump in to workouts that are too much, too soon.

You will get farther, faster, if you ease into your new workouts this week!

And with those new workouts, muscle soreness is sure to follow. Muscle soreness occurs for two main reasons:

  1. You did something new in your workout. Any new movement or activity can cause muscle soreness if you don’t take it easy for the first few workouts. Even super fit people get sore when they do a new workout, or new exercise.
  2. You simply over worked your body for what it’s used to. This is similar to the above, but it really applies when you hit the gym HARD because you are eager to get fit.

Remember, MORE is not always better! Fit people get fit by engaging in workouts and activities that are about 20% harder than what their body is used to.

This applies for you too! As you navigate these first few weeks of January – and new workouts – be sure to ease into your new routine. Trust me; you will get better results, faster, if you ease into workout intensity over the first two weeks into a new program.

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Stay strong, friend. 

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