Finding Motivation and Ditching the Guilt (Hot Tea Hot Seat)

mindset nutrition watch (videos) Mar 19, 2022

Should-ing all over yourself may not work. But this will.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of wanting to do something but never actually taking the action? Say for example, knowing you should get out of bed earlier to fit a workout in, but hitting the snooze over and over? Or, watching a loved one succeed and comparing yourself to them? 

In this episode of Hot Tea Hot Seat Community Coaching three women share their current struggles and allow me to guide them towards better options for themselves and their goals.

Listen in as Denise shares a bit about feeling stuck in reaching her goals, and how she compares herself to her super fit husband. He’s a constant reminder that she isn’t where she wants to be in her own fitness, even though she knows she’s capable of so much more. Can you relate to Denise in that sometimes you compare yourself to someone who is farther along in his/her fitness journey? 


It’s part of our nature as humans to compare ourselves to others. A great way to break that cycle is to stay focused on your goals, your body, and your happiness.

Another common thing many women struggle with is finding the motivation to take action. Say for example, you know you should get up early to fit a workout in, and yet you’d rather hit the snooze button. I think many of us can relate - I know I can. It’s during these times when your resolve will be tested and the best thing to do is cultivate the skills of self discipline. Yet it’s so hard!


You can either cultivate self discipline, or create ways that will ensure you show up for yourself (and your workouts). 

Community member Mirian is heading into a more active phase and is curious how to shift her energy needs. Listen in as I guide Mirian to intuitively find the right amount of food to eat each day so that she maintains her current level of body weight and fat, even while traveling. 

While the best practice for managing your energy needs is to use a diet tracking app, I teach Mirian some tips for knowing when to eat a bit more, or a bit less, depending on her perception of her body’s progress. 

I loved the conversations we shared in this episode, and believe you’ll take away some nuggets of wisdom to support your own personal journey. I’d love to coach you forward so you can create the body you need to keep up with the life you love. 


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Stay strong, friend.

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