Diet Changes As You Age

general health nutrition weight loss Apr 12, 2022

Declining estrogen has a profound effect on your body and there are some diet changes that can help.

After 30 years coaching women and reviewing the research, I’ve crafted very specific nutrition protocols that help you create the body you need to keep up with the life you love. From my experience, how and what you eat is the ultimate root cause for many of your chronic health complaints.

It’s well documented that health issues and diseases increase as you age, and specifically as you move through perimenopause and into menopause.

A big factor in the health issues that come with age is declining estrogen.

In this episode of Hot Tea with Holly I’m sharing my top 3 diet changes that can help you thrive as you move into the coming years.

I truly believe that you are what you eat. I realize this sounds so trite that you might even roll your eyes. But let’s break this down a bit so you can get a better understanding of how your habits may be influencing how you feel.

When it comes to chronic health complaints like weight gain, autoimmune disorders, thyroid issues, and digestive problems, many symptoms can be relieved through changing your diet.

While you may not want to accept this, your estrogen begins to decline around the age of 40 for most women. This is the actual start of perimenopause - the mere fact that your estrogen is beginning to fluctuate. 


Many health complaints can be influenced by your dietary habits. You have more control over your body than you realize.

There are three things you can keep in mind as you move through perimenopuase into menopause and beyond. You may want to consider these diet habits as you age.


Get Smarter About Carbs:

  • Learn to eat for blood sugar regulation. This helps optimize all hormone levels, regardless of your age
  • Experiment and start observing which carbs work best for your body. How do you feel 2-3 hours after eating grains? Do you feel better with low carbohydrate vegetables or more complex ones like sweet potatoes?
  • The best and fastest way to keep blood sugar levels stable is to eat carbohydrates with protein at every meal and snack. 


Get Knowledgeable About Inflammation:

  • Chronic silent inflammation is simply the telltale sign that there is something going on in your body that your body doesn’t like. Water moves into various areas of the body and organs in order to assist in metabolic processes.
  • Some foods are well known to cause inflammation in many people. It makes sense; everything you eat gets broken down and processed in your body. Doesn’t it stand to reason that sometimes there might be some foods that your body doesn’t like?
  • Inflammation can influence cortisol, which is a well known issue when it stay chronically elevated


Get Strategic With the Percent of Carbs You Eat

  • Carbs are neither good nor bad. They are needed by your body for various reasons. Improving your health isn’t about simply eating more or less carbs. What matters is the percentage of carbohydrates you’re eating each day relative to protein and fat. 
  • The best way to start monitoring your percentage of carbohydrates is to use a diet tracking app.
  • Getting intentional about how many carbs you eat helps stabilize blood sugar, ease elevated cortisol, and support optimal hormone levels.

Be sure to watch this entire episode so you can better understand exactly how to eat better and thrive into all of the wonderful years ahead of you.


Stay strong, friend.

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