The Ultimate Guide to Protein Powders

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If you struggle with getting enough protein each day, this guide will help!

Are you interested in learning ways to incorporate protein powders in your day? Curious which protein powders are best for your blood type?

Join me for this episode of Hot Tea with Holly and I'll be showing you the exact brands that I recommend to my clients, and some creative ways to incorporate them into your diet. 

You'll also learn the types of protein powder I recommend for each blood type, and which protein powder I suggest you avoid!

After this segment you’ll know:

  • Why to use protein powders
  • When and how to use them
  • Brands and kinds to consider
  • Choosing one for your blood type
  • My personal favorite (and one I never recommend)

Is it absolutely essential to add a protein powder to your diet? No. Absolutely not. 

In fact, I much prefer my clients to choose real food over something manufactured any day. Now, protein powders are not exactly “manufactured” like highly processed convenience foods, but they also are not a food-based source of protein like chicken, fish, egg whites, or tofu.

Protein powders are a convenient (and delicious) way to increase your protein when you don’t have other options.

Over the years I’ve gotten so many questions about protein powders and this video will help you navigate if they are right for you.

After watching this video, you’ll know:

  • Some basic protein shake recipes
  • The right protein powder for your needs and body
  • The difference between isolated protein powders vs meal replacement shakes
  • My personal favorite option
  • A variety of ways to make your protein shake interesting

You’ll get all your questions answered about protein powders so you can buy the best one, and incorporate it at the right times for your needs.


If you want to learn more about how I can help you use strategic and intentional nutrition to create the body you NEED to keep up with the life you love, be sure to grab my free Macros 101 Guidebook here.


Stay strong, friend.

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