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If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember last year when I lost 13 pounds in under three weeks. In fact, it was almost exactly one year ago, and today I am celebrating the anniversary.

I’ve battled depression the better part of my adult life. Last year I decided that I wanted to approach it differently. The first step was to slowly (with the help of several doctors) wean myself off medication that I had been on for a very long time.

It took nearly two years to do it, but I did it! Wow, it was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

Once I was off the medications, I discovered there were some pretty serious food sensitivities at play. In addition to digestive distress that I had come to accept over the past 4-5 years, I also developed some very severe symptoms that appeared to be allergies, such as non-stop sneezing, itchy, watery and inflamed eyes, and itchy ears, nose and throat.

A food sensitivity test revealed that my body was responding negatively to dairy, grains and eggs. I removed these foods 100% from my diet and boom, three weeks later I was down 13 pounds, had zero allergy symptoms, and for the first time ever, no gas, bloating and belly distention. It was incredible. I felt like a completely different person.

As a coach and expert, I have always been knowledgeable on gut health. It wasn’t until I had a very unique and personal experience with it, that I started learning more.

Turns out, so many women are suffering, just like I was. In fact, I feel like it’s almost an epidemic.

Do you struggle with gas, bloating, constipation, belly distention, upset stomach, indigestion or heart burn? These are the obvious and immediate indications that there is something going on in your gut. And no, these symptoms are not simply a fact of life, that you have to live with.

Since last year I have developed a very specific protocol that I use to help women navigate gut health issues.

This Week’s Exclusive Content

Once of the most confusing things for me was why my body has developed an irritation to foods that are deemed “highly beneficial” for my blood type.

According to blood type rules, dairy, grains and eggs where so good for me!

But here’s the deal, even the healthiest food imaginable can become irritating if you eat it day in and day out for too long. In my case, I had been eating these foods every single day for the vast majority of my life.

Even super healthy foods like whole grain oats became irritating.

And this is why you could develop a sensitivity to some foods that do align with your blood type.

The solution is so simple! Avoid the foods that you KNOW are problematic for 6 months to one year. Simultaneously consider taking a high quality probiotic. In time, your body will heal itself, and the same foods that cause trouble today, could be absolutely fine a year from now.

This is exactly what has happened for me! I avoid all grains 100% for the past year. And I am not happy to report that I get to eat my beloved oats again!

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Stay strong, friend!

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