A New Approach to Emotional Eating

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Does emotional eating trip you up from time to time?

Do you believe that if you could resolve your emotional eating “episodes” you’d be happier and closer to your goals?

Every week I work with clients to address this issue and find a permanent solution. And guess what? The remedy is NOT what you think.

What if the root of your “emotional binges” was not emotional at all?

Through my coaching practice, I am finding that 90% of the time – or more – emotional eating is actually a well disguised version of hunger and unstable blood sugar.

What might look like emotional eating to you, is actually your body crying out for a better foundation of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Unstable blood sugar spells big trouble for your brain and adrenal glands. If these vital organs as not fueled as they need to be, they malfunction on some level leaving you unstable both biologically and emotionally.

Your nutrition is the foundation to all of the complex biological functions throughout your body. How you eat determines how well your organs support you.

Click below to watch this week’s video. The analogy I share will help you better understand what I’m talking about today.

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And lastly,

Today’s #Strengthspo

"Maybe it’s not that YOU are broken. Maybe…it’s that your approach to eating is broken…and not supporting you.”

Stay strong, friend. 

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