8 Steps to Reverse Dieting and Intuitive Eating

mindset nutrition weight loss Feb 19, 2022

Your biology trumps your psychology. You can’t out-think your cravings.

One of the most important concepts that will help you reach your goals faster is knowing the power in getting specific and strategic.

Right now, what is your specific goal? What are you aiming for in the future? What changes do you want for your body?

Your goals will always direct your game plan.

At the risk of making assumptions, I can say that - based on the research - your goals should be…

  • To improve lean muscle mass
  • To achieve a healthy body weight
  • To maintain optimal levels of body fat
  • To feel vibrant and energized

Of course, there are many other specific goals you may have. And, of course, you can skip the goal setting altogether if you want. But then you can’t be upset when you don’t succeed, lol.

The above bullets point to the importance of healthy body composition. What is this important?

Beyond body weight, shape, or size, there is a direct correlation between your body fat and your risk of disease.

I help women over the age of 37 use intentional nutrition and strength training to create the body they need to keep up with the life they love. And in order for me to do that effectively, I have to help you understand the importance of body composition. 

The healthier you are, the better your life will be. That’s not to say that life is easy; but it certainly helps to be physically healthy when you are navigating the inevitable curve balls that life throws at us.

It’s important that you reach your goal. It’s important that you are healthy, energetic, nourished, and within the established ranges of optimal body fat.

Once you achieve your personal definition of “healthy,” the name of the game is to systematically increase your daily intake of food while also maintaining your personal definition of healthy.

Food can be a source of joy in life, and wouldn’t life be even better if you could eat more and maintain your “health?”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about in this video. 

Join me for a great conversation so you can learn how to gradually increase your calories while also maintaining your body weight and body composition.

I’ll walk you through the specific steps for learning your body’s cues, how many calories to eat each day, and the path to eating intuitively. 

This one’s incredible. Don’t miss it!


Stay strong, friend.

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