5 Ways to Lose Weight Easier

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This one is super important if you’re trying to lose weight, so listen up friend!

We believe that the first of our modern species “homo sapien” came from the first upright, two-legged version of early man called “homo erectus.”

This means that your body, in its current version, dates back to almost 2 million years ago.

This is SO relevant to us because it tells us a ton about your body’s ability for survival. Think of it this way; Your body is clearly built to survive the times, ages, decades, famine’s and diseases. We know this because you are still herenearly 2 million years later!

Think about that!

Your body is designed by nature to survive.

One of our best, deeply ingrained mechanisms for survival is our fantastic ability to gain weight!

Yep, you are really good at gaining weight! (Ha! You probably don’t need me to tell you that.)

And this is EXACTLY why it’s so darn hard to lose weight! Because you are NOT designed to!

And this is also why you need to be smarter than the system in order to let your body know that youare in charge, and that it’s ok to drop off some extra body fat that you no longer want!

I’ve been coaching women to get strong and lose weight for nearly 25 years. I know for certain that weight loss is hard.

The good news is that I have a proven system that is working for women of all ages, all around the world. I have personally watched miracles happenwith my clients who have been struggling for over 20 years to lose the weight.

Guess what? Many of them lost more weight than they thought they were capable of.

Check out this week’s new video below. I’m sharing with you 5 ways to make the weight loss battle easier.

This Week’s Exclusive Content

5 Foods That STALL Weight Loss

I coach my clients to completely avoid (or minimize) these foods during their dedicated phases of weight loss:

  1. Cold boxed cereals of ALL kinds. Yep.
  2. Alcohol
  3. Sugar in all forms
  4. Artificial sweeteners
  5. Refined grains of all kinds

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Stay strong, friend!

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