5 Diet Rules for Fat Loss

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Master these 5 rules and you’ll be able to turn on (and off) fat burning.

While there are several reasons why it’s beneficial to put your body in a fat burning state, I’d say the most important is that you’ll feel so much better.

When your body is relying on carbohydrates for fuel, there is a tendency towards unstable blood sugar. And with that comes unstable energy, moods, and brain power. Workouts feel labored, and you just won’t feel in flow.

On the contrary, when your body is in a fat burning state, you’ll feel fabulous. Have you ever experienced a day when you just feel great and as if your energy is endless? That may have been because your body was burning fat more readily that day.

Staying in a fat burning state is the goal for optimal health and vitality. And, if your specific goal is to lose weight, you’ll really want to master this skill.

When it comes to turning on your body’s fat burning, there are several ways to go about it. This article and video talk specifically about how you can be intentional with your diet so you optimize fat burning for fat loss.

Check out this video for all the details on 5 things you can do to prompt fat loss.

Fat Loss Rule #5

Alcohol and sugar turn off fat burning for 6-36 hours. Wait, what? Yes, depending on your body, how much alcohol you drink, and the manner in which you drink it, you could potentially shut down fat burning for more than a whole day.

This is one of the reasons why drinking alcohol slows weight loss. In my coaching practice, I advise my clients to reduce or eliminate alcohol to the degree they are determined to lose weight. 

If you are laser focused on burning fat and losing weight, eliminating alcohol and added sugars is a surefire way to speed things up.

Hear me loud and clear, I’m not saying that in order to lose weight you must give up alcohol. That’s not true, and many of my clients get incredible results while drinking up to 4-6 drinks each week. If you can’t imagine life without your favorite cocktail, enjoy it.

That being said, alcohol does stall fat burning and fat loss, and slows weight loss. It’s a tradeoff you get to make. Enjoy some alcohol each week and be ok with slower fat and weight loss, or, eliminate it all together and watch your body transform before your eyes.

Fat Loss Rule #4

Prepare yourself for a shocker: Carbs do not determine weight and fat loss. After 30 years of low carb diet trends, you may believe that eating carbs leads to weight gain, and eliminating carbs lead to weight loss. It’s just not true.

Fat and weight loss are not determined by your carbohydrate intake.

Eating low carb or keto doesn’t mean you’ll burn fat better. In fact, carbs are an essential part of stable blood sugar when you get them right. When your blood sugar is nice and stable, your body will optimize fat burning. And eating carbs is a big consideration in regulating blood sugar. 

For optimal fat burning (and to feel great) aim to eat at least 40% of your daily calories from nutrient dense carbohydrates. High fiber, low glycemic load foods are ideal here, but it’s not necessary to be a saint in order to prompt fat loss. You can enjoy some refined foods and sugar and still lose weight.

Fat Loss Rule #3

As stated above, stable blood sugar is essential for optimal fat burning and fat loss. Eating breakfast within 60 minutes of waking sets in motion a cascade of metabolic activity that sets the tone for the whole day. 

Simply by eating a macronutrient balanced meal within 1 hour of waking, you’ll turn on fat burning all day long.

Aim to eat a super nutritious breakfast each day where the total carbohydrates are between  40% - 50% of the meal’s calories

Fat Loss Rule #2

As mentioned above, fat loss has nothing to do with eating fat or avoiding carbs. Fat loss is also not related to eating high protein or high fiber foods. You won’t burn fat better by being vegan, or raw. 

While some eating practices can make fat burning easier, fat loss is only dependent on 1 thing: a net calorie deficit. 

There are some eating principles that can make the process more comfortable, or help prompt calorie burning, but really the only thing that matters is that you’re burning off more energy (calories) than you’re taking in (eating). 

Fat Loss Rule #1

As already foreshadowed throughout this article, the #1 rule for fat loss is that you’re in a calorie deficit. It’s the most effective way to ensure fat loss and weight loss.

This doesn’t mean that you have to count every calorie you eat, or get super calorie-conscious. All this means is that you need to expend more energy through various activities and exercises, than you take in via food.

If you’re like me and love structure and precision, using a diet tracking app is a very effective way to ensure you're eating the right amount of calories.

And if counting calories isn’t your thing, all you have to do is start eating a bit less than your usual habits. You can literally eat exactly as you’re eating now, and simply reduce the amount. 

Once you master these 5 rules you’ll be able to snap your fingers and release body fat whenever you want. 

Check out the video above for all the details and more insights if you’re ready to make some diet changes in order to prompt fat loss.

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