3 Steps in 3 Days to Release 3 Pounds

general health nutrition weight loss Mar 26, 2022

Even something simple like losing three pounds can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Do you ever get to the point of, "Omg, I feel terrible and I need to shift my body FAST!"?

Maybe you feel "fluffy" or bloated? Maybe you've had too many days of eating things that don't work well for your body?

After this episode, you'll be able to use my 3 steps in the next 3 days to release 3 pounds so you can shift your body and start feeling better.

Listen, this isn't a conversation about "losing weight fast" - instead, you'll learn the things that impact your body in big ways, giving you powerful tools for when you need them.

Pretty much every client I've worked with experiences times when she has over-indulged or taken too many days away from workouts.

You'll learn my 3 steps you can use over 3 days to release 3 pounds of "fluff" so you can shift the momentum and get moving towards the body you need to keep up with the life you love.


The foods you eat (and how you eat them) have a profound impact on how you look and feel.

While this strategy is not about ‘losing weight fast”, it is a very helpful practice during those times when you just need to shift your body enough to be inspired by seeing results. 

During this conversation I share a bit about my personal history and struggles with allergies, and the exact actions I take when I get hit with bad symptoms. The first place I turn is my diet - cleaning up some key habits that create (or eliminate) inflammation.


Really and truly, in many ways you are what you eat. Food is the most powerful way to shift your biology.

While this strategy is not for the faint of heart, it does work miracles. I hope you find this article helpful.


Stay strong, friend.

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